18 to twenty five % of women have problems with migraines For every man with a migraine.

18 to twenty five % of women have problems with migraines For every man with a migraine, three ladies are struck by the severe head aches that often include nausea, sensitivity to audio and light, and aura ranbaxy pharmacy . That means a staggering 18 to twenty five % of women have problems with migraines, making it probably the most common disabling circumstances faced by females around the globe. This 3-to-1 ratio raises the obvious question: Why? The reason, suggest researchers at UCLA, can be that females may have a faster trigger than males for activating the waves of mind activity thought to underlie migraines.

Not surprisingly, management of traumatic brain injury has been underrepresented in medical research in comparison with other health problems.3 Consequently, there are few data to support the commonly used stage 2 interventions for the administration of traumatic brain damage,4-6 with even the usage of intracranial-pressure monitoring being debated.7 Hypothermia is one treatment option for this patient group.8-12 Some previous trials of early induction of prophylactic hypothermia have shown benefit, but the trials of hypothermia for neuroprotection that were judged to be higher in quality also to have a lower risk of bias 11 have shown trends toward unfavorable outcomes13,14 or were stopped for futility.15,16 Although hypothermia is routinely used to take care of elevated intracranial pressure in individuals with traumatic brain injury in a few intensive care and attention units , its effect on outcome in this context provides small evaluation.17 We conducted a trial of therapeutic hypothermia for elevated intracranial pressure in which we tested hypothermia in the way that many clinicians currently use it.