7 Teslands $ 2 million Magnetic Resonance System At YaleYale one $ 2.

7 Teslands $ 2 million Magnetic Resonance System At YaleYale one $ 2,000 high-end instrumentation received grant from the National Center for Research Resources to finance the purchase of a 7-Tesla human magnetic resonance , facilitate the ultra – high resolution studies of diabetes, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, and learning disabilities.

.. Anyone with normal weight were more head and neck pain and headache reported than other BMI categories. Those who were obese class I and class III were more likely to suffer from pain in the legs and feet. Participants in obese class II were more likely to report pain in multiple places. It was found that the respondents with obese class III higher pain levels, which reported ability to walk with disturbed than those with normal weight. percent classifications and frequency of pain by category After BMI category, the incidence of pain was:.

These changes may the increased susceptibility of obese individuals to develop underlying chronic inflammatory pain conditions, it signal the need signal the need for more aggressive analgesic regimen in these individuals.But she did found no association between the best known growth factor layers and an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Growth factors – IGFs and IGFBPs – govern normal growth and development of organ and tissue , especially during fetal development and boyhood. Mari-Anne Rowland, study author on University of Bristol, prostate cancer The time too early to be sure , but these results indicate in that we identified potential new biomarker of very early prostate cancer in men without symptoms of, Now we more research to determine that levels of this potential biomarkers predictions who prostate cancer discovered by screening of could be advances to become life-threatening.