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These are the standards by which any reform bill ought to be judged, and the Senate costs falls short of conference them. We think that these presssing issues can be addressed and improved to attain these goals, and we will continue steadily to use policymakers toward that end. ‘We believe that all Americans, irrespective of health status or medical history, should have guaranteed usage of affordable coverage. We have proposed guarantee issue coverage with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions together with a coverage requirement and adequate subsidies for working families.However, inside our study, distinguishing between protrusions and extrusions did not have diagnostic value. A limitation of the scholarly study by Jensen et al. Was that it involved only asymptomatic volunteers. The postoperative formation of epidural scars is a common phenomenon32 and is hypothesized to trigger mechanical traction on the dura or nerve roots, leading to persistent leg and back again pain after spinal surgery. Some studies have backed this hypothesis,20,33 whereas other studies have not demonstrated a correlation between epidural-scar formation and medical outcome.34,35 We didn’t look for a positive correlation between the existence of scar symptoms and tissue. One of the strengths of our study is that the current presence of scar tissue was examined by three observers.