According to a written report in the July issue of Archives of Ophthalmology.

It could be attributed to age-related ocular circumstances, such as age-related macular degeneration or cataract, which may be markers of biological ageing. Alternatively, visual impairment and its own related ocular circumstances could share an identical pathogenesis with other circumstances associated with elevated mortality. Sudha Cugati, M.S., of the University of Sydney, Australia, and colleagues assessed 3,654 individuals age 49 and older who were portion of the Blue Mountains Eye Research, an ongoing study of visual disorders in the Blue Mountains region west of Sydney.These precursors proceed to the cytoplasm, where Dicer, an RNase III enzyme also, cleaves them into mature double-stranded RNA fragments , 19 to 21 nucleotides each.6 Translational repression or degradation of messenger RNA occurs when miRNA binds to the RNA-induced silencing complex .7,8 The siRNA production occurs in a similar manner, although processing by Drosha is not required.9 Alterations of miRNAs in human being cancers have been reported, but the regulation of the molecules is unclear. In ovarian tumors, reduced expression of a considerable proportion of miRNAs has been found,10-13 but the downstream ramifications of this decrease are not known. Nevertheless, the hypothesis is supported by these findings that miRNAs possess an underlying role in cancer progression.