According to scientists at Harvard University.

Quantum computing has been touted for its potential to solve certain types of problems that are impossible for conventional computers to crack. ‘There is a fundamental problem with simulating quantum systems – such as chemical reactions – on conventional computers,’says Al n Aspuru-Guzik, Example, itt professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences? ‘As the size of a system grows, requires grow computational resources exponentially simulate. Example, it might take a day a reaction involving 10 atoms, for two days at 11 atoms, for four days at 12 atoms, eight days to simulate 13 atoms, and so on.

###Aspuru-Guzik and Kassal co-authors on the PNAS paper are Stephen P. Jordan of MIT, Peter J. Love of Haverford College and Masoud Mohseni of Harvard. The work was supported by the Army Research Office and Joyce and Zlatko Balokovic scholarship.

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