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The new data provide the first proof of principle that a topical agent can attain equivalent rates to rates to oral systemic drugs, according to the NanoBio scientists. Topical treatments are widely considered inferior to fail oral systemic treatments because they required at the site of infection with adequate drug levels subdue subdue infections penetrate.

The study also shows that the physical effect of NB-001 reduces the likelihood that pathogens will develop resistance to the biocidal effect of the topical lotion. – ‘NB-001 These properties make it an ideal candidate for the first-line treatment with the potential for widespread use in a wide range of patients,’said Mary Flack, potential energy.f clinical research at NanoBio and author of the oral presentation.Treated mosquito nets a clear recommendation for that treatment of combination.

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, One of most effective means for preventing malaria by reference indoor spraying with remaining insecticide and widespread use of insecticide – treated mosquito nets particularly durable insecticides nets which remain effective for up of five years without a new treatment.