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Teachers train their students as a regular part of the curriculum. Core partners behind ACT’s nationwide campaign are AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, Pfizer sanofi-aventis and Canada. With support from the federal government of Ontario, the ACT Basis is currently adding Automated Exterior Defibrillator training and AEDs for universities as an enhancement to the CPR plan. ‘We want to thank the federal government of Ontario and The Ontario Trillium Foundation because of their long-standing support of this important system,’ said Sandra Clarke. ‘It is because of the support from our committed partners at the city, provincial and nationwide level that people have achieved this incredible success.’..Leading academic establishments, hospitals and cancer centers are adopting the MLC technology and viewing its benefits in significantly reduced treatment occasions for a wider selection of tumor types. These results showed these devices was: Very reliable Highly accurate Mechanically stable Studies continue steadily to validate CyberKnife System's unparalleled tumor targeting features. Highlights consist of: Two dosimetric research highlight the CyberKnife System's accuracy. A report undertaken at UT Southwestern INFIRMARY compared the CyberKnife System and linac IMRT plans of individuals with early-stage larynx cancer.