Active video games can play a role in getting some people more active Active video games.

However, for a few populations light-to-moderate activity can often be enough. The games do possess the potential to become useful, Peng said, especially for populations that are more suitable to light-to-moderate activity – seniors, for instance. Peng said exergames likewise have shown to be useful when found in structured exercise applications, such as those used for rehabilitation or in senior centers. Simply giving the video games to people may not be a good approach, Peng said. They could not use it or use it efficiently. It’s better if used in a structured system where there are more people participating. .. Active video games can play a role in getting some people more active Active video games, known as exergames also, are not the perfect solution to the country’s sedentary ways, however they can play a role in getting some social visitors to be more active.Discussion In this pilot study involving 15 sufferers with important tremor who were followed for 12 months after treatment, thalamotomy was accomplished with transcranial MRI-guided focused ultrasound. Unilateral thalamotomy improved tremor in the contralateral, dominant hand and overall tremor, as measured on a validated tremor-rating scale. Patients reported improvements in tremor-related standard of living after the procedure. Stereotactic procedures such as radiofrequency thalamotomy and deep-brain stimulation have been shown to be effective for the treatment of essential tremor.12-14,36 Stereotactic radiosurgery in addition has been used to perform thalamotomy for tremor but with latent effects occurring months after treatment.37-39 Such procedures have already been associated with serious adverse events, including intracerebral hemorrhage and neurologic impairment .