Adolescents are just as likely to consume too many calories at Subway seeing that at McDonalds.

We were interested in looking at how the restaurant marketing environment affects what adolescents purchase, said Lenard Lesser, M.D., the study's lead author and a family group physician and researcher in the Palo Alto Medical Basis Research Institute. Lesser and his colleagues asked adolescents where they would choose an unhealthy food and for a healthy meal. When we asked them where they might get a healthy meal, a lot of them said Subway, Lesser stated. Our study really was designed to look at what adolescents in fact purchased at the restaurants, not what was offered on the menu simply. The analysis enrolled 97 adolescents age groups 12 to 21 to purchase foods at both restaurants on different days in the South Los Angeles area. They purchased an average of 1,038 calories from McDonald's and 955 calories from Subway, which experts found to not be a factor.Adults tied to alcohol One in 10 deaths among U.S. Adults is definitely associated with excessive alcohol consumption, federal officials reported Thursday. While people often hyperlink drinking with deaths from automobile chronic and mishaps liver disease, many other conditions that may cause death are tied to alcohol, said business lead researcher Mandy Stahre. ‘Extreme drinking is connected with a lot more causes of loss of life than what we tend to concentrate on. Alcohol intake is important in at least 54 different conditions linked to death,’ said Stahre, an epidemiologist at the Washington state Department of Health who conducted the study while at the U.S.