Agile completes enrollment in AG200-15 Phase 3 contraceptive patch study Agile Therapeutics.

Agile’s NEW CHOICE Study enrolled 1500 women at over 100 sites through the entire U.S. The analysis is evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of AG200-15 to a low-dose, oral contraceptive. The NEW CHOICE Research completed enrollment 8 weeks ahead of routine, enabling Agile to arrange for a youthful submission of the brand new Drug Program for AG200-15 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . Thomas Rossi, Agile’s President and CEO, commented, We are very pleased to comprehensive enrollment in the NEW CHOICE Study before schedule. The rapid enrollment rate, 1500 women in eight weeks, displays a broad interest amongst contraceptive users for the convenience of a once weekly contraceptive patch.National Center for Health Statistics. Howie and her colleagues weren’t able to identify the specific disorders the children were being treated for, although she stated 81 % of the kids with psychological or behavioral issues had been identified as having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder at some point in their lives. The experts were also struggling to identify the specific medicines prescribed to the children for their emotional and behavioral issues, according to Howie. An expert not involved with the report agreed that ADHD likely would be one of the most common conditions involved.