Agilent launches SureCycler 8800 thermal cycler Agilent Technologies.

The SureCycler 8800 is usually on screen in Agilent’s booth at the American Association for Malignancy Research, April 2-6 in Orlando, Fla.. Agilent launches SureCycler 8800 thermal cycler Agilent Technologies, Inc. today introduced the Agilent SureCycler 8800, a full-highlighted thermal cycler that eliminates the need to choose between well-known features of other major PCR instruments. The Agilent SureCycler 8800 delivers high swiftness and high volume in the same device, so users aren’t pressured to choose between the two. The modular style accommodates both 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates for additional versatility. The instrument features temperature gradient capability without sacrificing market-leading uniformity also. The high-quality touchscreen and intuitive software donate to the SureCycler 8800’s productivity and comfort.The second analysis centered on mental health. ‘Spiritual well-getting was, unsurprisingly, associated with less anxiety, despair, or distress,’ second review business lead writer John Salsman, Wake Forest College of Medicine, stated in the news release. ‘Also, greater levels of spiritual distress and a feeling of disconnectedness with God or a religious community was associated with greater psychological distress or poorer psychological well-getting,’ he added. The 3rd analysis found a link between spirituality/religion and social well-being. ‘When we took a closer look, we discovered that patients with stronger spiritual well-being, even more benign pictures of God , or more powerful beliefs reported better public health,’ third review lead writer Allen Sherman, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, said in the news headlines release.