Alere to showcase its Apollo integrated health management system at the Health 2.

Through the demonstration, Alere will walk the audience through a user experience based on a fictional personality with a ongoing ailment. The new Apollo platform will be wanted to health plans and strategy sponsors nationally starting January of 2010. Alere is certainly outpacing those who offer standalone solutions and provides another link in the evolution of healthcare, notes Geraty. Alere reduces the boundaries between these frequently siloed programs and offers a continuum of wellness management services predicated on our established personal health support philosophy.90 days following the last treatment an additional reduction was seen. No significant changes were observed in the sham group during the day. At night there is a slight reduction during the treatment period but, once treatment got ceased, the amount of hot flushes increased once again. However, once treatment ceased the scores remained lowered for the treatment group, but improved for the sham group. This treatment effect seems to coincide with an over-all improvement in well-being. Acupuncture has two advantages over other treatments for sizzling hot flushes: it is cheap and will not trigger adverse side-effects.