Alimera completes $40 million convertible preferred stock sale Alimera Sciences.

Each talk about of Series A Preferred is normally convertible into shares of Alimera’s common stock, at conversion prices ranging from $2.66 to $3.16 per share based on the non-occurrence or occurrence of certain events. The conversion price is subject to certain customary price based anti-dilution adjustments also. The Warrants are exercisable upon issuance at an exercise price of $44.00 per share of Series A Preferred, provided, however, that the Warrants could be exercised, at the option of the holders, directly for the common stock that could otherwise then be issuable upon conversion of the Series A Preferred covered by such Warrants.. Alimera completes $40 million convertible preferred stock sale Alimera Sciences, Inc. , a biopharmaceutical business that specializes in the considerable research, development and commercialization of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, today announced that it offers finished the sale of $40 million of Series A Convertible Favored Stock and warrants to purchase Series A Favored to a group of institutional investors, including both new and existing investors, in a private placement.The medicinal natural herbs soothe your complete body and stimulate the organs to function properly whereas probiotics are the useful microbes which help in the replenishment of intestinal flora by curtailing the actions of dangerous pathogens. This organic colon detox health supplement also maintains ph degree of your blood and in addition balances cholesterol level of you blood stream. In this manner it helps in keeping your overall health by taking care of both mind and body. Furthermore, you will eventually lose some weight after by using this natural weight reduction supplement definitely. The colon cleaning reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety giving you appropriate sleep. This colon cleanse product has endless benefits. But before by using this product you should follow the rules properly that is mentioned in an individual kit or you can certainly do as directed by your doctor..