Alkermes initiates clinical trial for ALKS 33 20mg levitra.

Alkermes initiates clinical trial for ALKS 33, A Novel Oral molecule with potential benefits addiction and other CNS disordersAlkermes, Inc 20mg levitra . today announced the commencement of a Phase 1 study of ALKS 33, an oral opioid modulator for the potential treatment of addiction and other central nervous system . ALKS 33 is the company ‘s first novel, small molecule drug candidate is enter the clinic. The molecule is built on scientific expertise Alkermes ‘ in brain reward pathways as well as the company’s clinical and commercial knowledge in the field of addiction. In addition, Alkermes initiated a clinical pharmacokinetic study to further explore ALKS 29, a potential oral treatment of alcohol dependence. ‘The progress of these two candidates clearly demonstrates our commitment to building a commercial enterprise with promising growth prospects,’said David Broecker, president and CEO of Alkermes. ‘The combination of our strong financial health, the success of two commercial products and our proven science is Alkermes in a unique position, statistically superior proprietary product opportunities that contribute the potential to create the needs of of a wide range of patients. ‘ – is the phase 1 randomized, double – blind, placebo – controlled trial of ALKS 33 will enroll 16 healthy volunteers and designed to assess the pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of ALKS judge to 33 following single oral administration at escalating doses. The company expects to report top-line results from the trial in the first half of calendar year 2009. Beginning of this study is on. Latest data from preclinical studies that showed ALKS 33, a statistically superior oral efficacy compared to naltrexone showed the studies based also suggested that ALKS 33 is not metabolized readily by the liver, a unique advantage over existing oral therapies for addiction. – ‘There are very few drugs available to patients struggling with addiction and new treatment options are urgently needed to overcome,’said Elliot Ehrich, Chief Medical Officer of Alkermes. ‘We believe calendar year 2009. Field will evolve in a similar way to other CNS markets, such as mental illnesses, where treatments include both oral and injectable medications. This flexible approach offers patients and physicians the opportunity to build the most appropriate therapies in the treatment programs and fit the needs of each patient. ‘.

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