Although there cell fusion techniques been around for a long time.

Although there cell fusion techniques been around for a long time, there are many technical limitations, said Voldman.The right to mate cells before fusing them is a major obstacle. If with a mixture of with a mixture of two cell types, for example A and B, they end up with many AA and BB pairings , as well as the desired AB match.

The work was supported by two postdocs, Alison Skelley, Voldman Voldman laboratory, and Oktay Kirak led cited with Jaenisch. Skelley and Kirak are lead authors of the Nature Methods paper. Heikyung Suh, a technical officer in the Whitehead Institute, is also author of the paper.Although the mechanisms underlying must be be elucidated, the scientists assume that higher life expectancy at people and to nematode C. 10 by the trace element Li can be induced.

In addition, the scientists speculating on the use of of low-dose Li as potential dietary supplements in the future. From prior studies us a higher recording a higher uptake of lithium through drinking water with an improving mental well-being and reduced suicide rate connected, explains Professor Ristow. Whereas low-dose lithium uptake based of new clearly clearly be beneficial , more studies will be needed definitely recommend such supplementation, the scientists conclude.

Professor Dr. Michael Ristow team of are together with Japanese colleagues by the Universities of to Oita and in Hiroshima shown of two independent lugs that even the a low concentration lithium in increased life expectancy of people and also how results in one model body, of roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans.