AMRI will receive an honorarium because of its win also.

AMRI selected as inaugural winner of Pfizer Path Design Innovation Award AMRI announced today that it’s been selected while the inaugural champion of the Pfizer Route Design Innovation Award, beating out 40 companies who were invited to talk about innovative ideas for procedure chemistry and large scale Active Pharmaceutical Component creation. Pfizer will present the business with the award at the AMRI 2010 Integrated Medication Discovery Symposium to end up being kept in Albany NY, October 13-14. AMRI will receive an honorarium because of its win also. Companies with experience in process chemistry and large scale API creation had been invited to contribute approaches that improved the price effectiveness of a particular compound of curiosity to Pfizer.The study found that people with type 2 diabetes had a greater accumulation of brain tangles – – even if they were free from dementia or milder issues with memory and thinking. The findings, reported Sept. 2 in the journal Neurology, hint at one reason why people who have type 2 diabetes possess an increased threat of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s, type 2 diabetes could cause brain abnormalities that pile on to various other degenerative changes that ultimately result in dementia, explained study senior researcher Dr. Velandai Srikanth, a geriatrician at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. However, he said, this study shows only a correlation between type 2 diabetes and mind tangles.