An asthma attack can be triggered due to various reasons like contact with dust.

However, asthma is a curable situation and that too without using any medication or inhaler. Here are a few safe home cures for asthma. Home cures for asthma Ginger and garlic Ginger and garlic is among the common ingredients used in cooking but these are also excellent natural remedy asthma. Make ginger drop and tea in some minced garlic into it. Take steam of this tea twice to thrice a time and experience the difference in just few days. Honey and turmeric If you need to lessen the asthma attack then you must consider honey and turmeric each day in the morning before having anything else. Turmeric and Honey are excellent home cures for asthma and has been in use since ages.And that means you know 6 activities that you can do on a flight now. What is your very best tip on keeping sane on an extended trip? Please comment below and tell me and my visitors – I also want to get opinions and learn more. To your success – and keep smiling!

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