Analysis of the full dataset from the Sirocco trial are ongoing.

Analysis of the full dataset from the Sirocco trial are ongoing. AstraZeneca and Targacept plan to discuss the data with leading medical experts and to present and publish more detailed results in the coming months. A decision by AstraZeneca with respect to possible further development of AZD3480 is expected in December 2008.

‘These findings strengthen the scientific foundation for our pipeline of NNR Therapeutics. We thank AstraZeneca for its execution of this study and the investment in the broad development of AZD3480. ‘.. ‘While we had hoped for a positive overall result, we believe the Sirocco trial provides further support for the clinical rationale for AZD3480 by demonstrating improvement both ADCS-CGIC, an accepted scale, the improvement of the daily activities reflects, and the common MMSE cognitive assessment and a favorable safety and tolerability profile, ‘said J. Donald deBethizy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Targacept.The host businesses am Montag teleconference time consumingJazz Pharmaceuticals will host a conference and a Webcast which investment community at 8:30 CDT on Monday, August until to debate the outcome of the FDA Advisory Committee meeting. SafeHarbor Statement among the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995.

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Teleconference informed of FDA Advisory Committee Meeting To JZP-6 to fibromyalgia – Jazz Pharmaceuticals, : announced that the Joint Advisory Committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , including the Arthritis Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk management Advisory Committee agreed 20-2 that the benefit / risk balance does not support that approval of JZP-6 for treatment of fibromyalgia using to the presently proposed risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy . – Whilst we have disappoint with of recommendation of the Joint Consultative Committee, we work closely with the FDA on to continuing review of our new drug application plans, says Bruce Cozadd, Chairman and CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, We will.