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He says the results of this study might help medical professionals better tune their treatment to meet the requirements of their adolescent and young adult patients. ‘Our study shows increasing patient referral to community-based social service agencies and trustworthy Internet resources can boost the care and improve the quality of lifestyle for this group of sufferers,’ he says. ‘The more we realize about their needs, the better support healthcare professionals will be able to provide.’..The study also discovered that living in an inner town was connected with increased threat of short sleeping and reduced risk of long sleeping, in comparison to nonurban areas. A few of the higher risk of short sleeping among African-Americans can be explained by a higher prevalence of African-Americans’ habitation in the inner city. Hale. People in poorer neighborhoods could also experience greater degrees of psychosocial stress or depression that makes it hard to fall or stay asleep. Hale, adding that, for example, late-night socializing might be more common in the large metropolitan areas due to the proximity of friends, households and increased opportunities for various social activities.