And pale villous projections might be the only clue to the correct diagnosis.

Dermoscopy exposed an increased lesion with multiple pale villous projections that were partially obscured by a black eschar. The surrounding pores and skin experienced a pink homogeneous hue, but there is no obvious pigment network . Excision biopsy showed a markedly papillomatous epidermis included in a loose stratum corneum including locules of blood. The skin was hyperplastic but lacked obvious atypia. There is a prominent lymphocytic infiltrate hugging the epidermal junction at the dermal interface .. A bleeding lesion with a villous surface Seborrhoeic keratoses often lose their characteristic dermatoscopic features, and pale villous projections might be the only clue to the correct diagnosis.Because the drug’s intro in the first 1980s there were controversial reports of depressive disorder and suicidal behaviour that may have occurred in a few people taking Roaccutane. It has led to the drug’s manufacturers, Roche, including a caution in the product details that taking the medicine may cause depression, psychosis and suicidal behaviour. However, the chemical mechanism where this might happen has never been established. In brand-new independent research, researchers at the universities of Bath and Texas at Austin provided Roaccutane to mice over a period of six weeks, and monitored the rodents’ behaviour.