And this effect from the PPAR-gamma ligands on gastric cancer cell.

Recently it was shown that another report troglitazone, the ligand of PPAR-gamma may be useful in preventive medicine, and this effect is dependent on PPAR-gamma.. And this effect from the PPAR-gamma ligands on gastric cancer cell, activate PPAR-gamma in a variety of tissues and cancer cells, and the ligand, the PPAR – PPAR are currently being investigated as a novel treatment manifested. Assigned to the PPAR-gamma ligand generally decreases the survival rate of cancer cells through differentiation, apoptosis induction, and changes in genes or proteins with admission to the G1 / S phase. It has been reported, suggesting that gastric cancer cells manifest PPAR-gamma and are PPAR-gamma PPAR-gamma ligand.

SNU-668 cells demonstrated p53 and ras mutations, and it is necessary in future studies clarify the relationship between clarify the relationship between these results and the underlying mechanisms. This means that the concentrations of troglitazone, which are used clinically suppressing the growth of stomach cancer cells, gastric cancer. Used specifically as a method for the treatment of gastric cancer.Reference: Cheon CW, Cho YH Kim JH. Effects of ciglitazone and troglitazone on the proliferation of human gastric cancer organizations,Waiting For Health Care Linked to Mortalityis a new study in the latest issue of Health Services Research, the first to to measure the relationship between waiting time for health and mortality rates – particularly in the elderly.If this H5N1 bird flu virus was to mutate into , it could to learn When among people. If this happens , we a severe a serious global healthcare problems – a flu pandemic.

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