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Another application concerns a method invented by Dr. Henry Cardenas and Kelly Crittenden, for strengthening bone and / or repairing bone fractures more effectively men last longer in bed .Tech has signed nine new licenses / options last year give a %age of licenses / option executed ROI ROIs of 33 percent. In just the past five years, Louisiana Tech license / options activity has more than quadrupled. ‘Louisiana Tech faculty are also engaging in entrepreneurship,’explains Kordal. ‘So both help both help to commercialize their technology and stimulate the local economy. ‘.

In the past year two new Louisiana start-up companies were on the technology of Louisiana based technology licensed formed Both companies have branches opened in Tech Incubator These innovations are Louisiana Tech, the two incubators at full capacity But among all these achievements and contributions, Louisiana Tech is pleased to see that some of its previously licensed technologies are now reaching the market and begin to benefit the public. ‘AdmitOne safeguards, formerly BioPassword has recently completed a is based on based on Dr. Vir Phoha technology that prevent the fraudulent use of digital identities will help, ‘says Kordal.

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2008, of the International Task team of on HIV-related TravelMate RestrictionsThe International Task Team to HIV – related TravelMate Restrictions concludes his third session with draft recommendations to to eliminate the HIV-specific restrictions on entry, stay and residence. In the months ahead these completed and presents the boards to the Global Fund and UNAIDS, such November and December of.