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Based on the line, the Follow Your Heart group a number of practical, user-friendly tools for primary care clinicians and patients has developed the tools summarize the guidelines for installation in. Day – to-day practice for clinicians and day-to-day quality of life for patients and their families .

Experts Call on colleagues, go to an optimal support for all post-Mi patients in the UKToday experts from the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society and HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, in basic services are clinicians this new guidance designed to provide optimum care and treatment of post – myocardial infarction patients hugging support. Published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Cardiology, the guide is unique in that it is designed for both patients and primary care, and recognizes the important role of empowering patients and their families in achieving the best possible clinical outcomes.2 – Follow Your Heart*: optimal care after a heart for you and your patients primary and secondary primary and secondary clinicians in response to an unmet need for clear, consistent and practical advice for GPs and practice nurses in the administration supports the 1, 4,000,000 post-MI survivors about the UK.1.

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