Bedtime Texting COULD BE Hazardous to Teens Wellness: WEDNESDAY.

One of the most worrisome areas of our findings is definitely that furthermore to affecting the product quality and quantity of sleep teenagers are getting, bedtime smartphone use appears to be having a negative impact on their degree of alertness throughout the day and on the grades in school, DeBari said in a university news release. His study co-writer, Dr. Peter Polos, added that teens whose sleep is normally disrupted by incoming texts may experience compelled to react to those texts immediately. These exchanges can go on for hours. This results in excessive stimulation at night.Presented by ANSI CEO and president Dr. Tag W. Hurwitz, the Institute recommended a voluntary national preparedness standard predicated on criteria produced by the National Fire Safety Association . Business continuity refers to the power of companies and organizations to maintain or go back to normal functions after a disaster, terrorist attack, or additional security breach. The 9-11 Commission will think about this recommendation in preparing its final are accountable to Congress and the elected president. It has been over 31 months because the 9/11 attacks.