Before and Exotic Disease Vaccine Trials thrive at Passport HealthPassport Health.

‘We help pharmaceutical companies and the FDA to bring vaccines to the market, because this is not no successful clinical trials and proper recruitment patients,’says patients,’says Fran Lessans, founder and CEO of Passport Health, the largest private purchaser of vaccines can be visited annually with more than 65,000 travel insurance client by its 112 nationwide locations passport Health from a large patient population recruit – in the U.S. Vaccination as international defense are fears about flu pandemic bird flu outbreaks, bioterrorism and disaster response, and the recurrence of polio, measles and other infectious diseases in the world occur.. Before and Exotic Disease Vaccine Trials thrive at Passport HealthPassport Health, an immunization and travel health center with national headquarters in Baltimore, reported that its participation in that its participation in vaccine with several new with some new clinical trials in the pipeline.

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