Can deliver more mosquitoes resting after feeding on birds.

Collecting can mosquitoes mosquitoes at higher elevations researchers more insight into their behaviors Upper foliage, for example, can deliver more mosquitoes resting after feeding on birds. And upper walls and ceilings of homes may harbor more mosquitoes resting after a meal on humans.

– ‘It is not like we woke up one day and said: ‘Let a mosquito aspirator, ‘ invent ‘ Vazquez – Prokopec explains. ‘It grew out of our needs during field research’.

Everyone with access to a home improvement store, and about $ 45 to $ 70, can Prokopack that uses a battery-powered motor to suck live mosquitoes for analysis. Mosquito-borne diseases are among the world’s leading killer, and Vazquez – Prokopec hopes to help more cost effective and efficient surveillance methods to save lives. I’m coming from a developing country, says the Argentine native.All trademarks said contained in this release enjoy legal protection trademark.

So far, four large trials HERA, NSABP B-31 who, NCCTG N9831 and BCIRG 006 repeatedly proved showed that Herceptin women women with HER2-positive early breast cancer.

The current analysis shows that women who are derived over take advantage of Herceptin even if it began Herceptin therapy late in after completion of adjuvant chemotherapy.. The main focus for the current analysis was to examine the efficacy and safety of one year Herceptin in comparison to no Herceptin at a median of four years of follow-up by the assess entry to the trial. The observation group, treating, ITT) the results of the analytical include all female involved in in this study showed an 25 percent reduction from the risk of recurrence in women receiving Herceptin compared to the on the observation (HR 0, In four years follow-up was nearly 79 percent of women receiving Herceptin cancer-free an significant increase compared to 73 percent of women in the observation arm.