Chronic HCV affects 170 million people worldwide.

While medical evidence was described risk factors involved HCV – VT, HCV RNA transfer mechanisms, and the time of transmission of disease is not fully understood. Previous studies have the relationship between HCV – VT and maternal HCV genotype, birth mode examined and the type of feeding , but the results have been conflicting. ‘Our study of of IL28B in HCV – VT and the spontaneous clearance of HCV among infected infants,’said Ruiz Extremera Angeles, San Cecilio University Hospital in Spain. The team recruited 145 mothers who were infected with HCV and gave birth from 1991 to 2009. All women were Caucasian-112 were HCV RNA – positive and HIV negative, 33 were HCV RNA negative and HCV antibody positive. A total of 142 children were HCV-RNA positive mothers and 43 children HCV RNA negative mothers, all of whom were followed of birth for six or more years.

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