Citation: PNAS.

Citation: PNAS, online publication,Dynavax Reports Interim, One – year data from ragweed allergy study at AAAAIDynavax Technologies Corporation today announced preliminary data from the first year of the two-year ragweed allergy trial known as Dartt, including a given regional analysis of sites that clearly showed a therapeutic benefit of TOLAMBA in the Midwest. These data and the results of a detailed analysis of 716 evaluable patients at 30 U.S. Centers will be by Dr. Eduardo Martins, Dynavax VP, Clinical Development, on Saturday, Feb. Presented at 2:30 pm PST, at the AAAAI Annual Meeting in San Diego.

When the Yale team needed genes to be deleted form primary cilia, they found that mice developed significant brain abnormalities, including hydrocephalus. They also found that the absence of primary cilia on neural stem cells disrupted the ability of sonic hedgehog to signal neural stem cells create new neurons in the brain initiate.. Online Tiny Cellular Antennae Trigger Neural Stem CellsYale University scientists reported evidence that the tiny cilia found on brain cells of mammals, thought remains of a primeval past, actually play a critical role in forwarding molecular signals that participated spur creation of neurons in a region of the brain in the mood, learning and memory. The results are published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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