Comments Leslie Norwalk acting administrator CMS.

Comments Leslie Norwalk – acting administrator CMS, decided last week by the private Medicare fee-for – service plans, beneficiaries of the call prior to enrollment, to ensure that they understand the plans and have decided to enroll in them – said that every program as big as Medicare pulls fraud Norwalk also said that CMS Medicare beneficiaries plans in which they illegally for unethical or. Enrolled practices punished punish health insurance companies with the practices with fines, suspensions of enrollment or revocation of the fee-for – fee-for – service involved can leave plans.

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CMS Connecticut had asked health official to recipients HUSKY health clear that it are not obliged to switch with new for new insurance company until the end of December, that New Haven send report. HUSKY is the state’s Medicaid program , they are shifted to February 2009 the compulsory control for 345,000 low-income beneficiaries HUSKY new insurer.

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