Congress should allow open enrollment in plans until these issues are resolved.

5 At least, Congress should allow open enrollment in plans until these issues are resolved, and continuous continuous open enrollment policy. Furthermore, if the beneficiaries ‘locked up’ their plan elections, plans should not be allowed to change formularies, to raise prices, or increase cost-sharing once beneficiaries are locked – in.

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The law, which has been approved by the Legislature in 2007 aims, to prevent sexual predators from providing any sexually explicit material or pornography on to children under age 13. Under the law was health care provider, booksellers, librarians and community organizations confronts detention and penalties of up to 125 if they are found in infringement of the law, after the ACLU. That set also said that the law of be so vague that it is for the parents who, for the provision of sex education materials for their children or older siblings ready to perform for providing material for younger children or charge.