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During the study, 335,560 children offered in a region where newborn hearing screening was 234,826 and in a region where distraction hearing screening was offered born. At follow-up 263 children had been in a newborn hearing screening region with permanent childhood hearing loss and 171 children in a distraction hearing screening region diagnosed .

The authors suggest that the increase in preterm birth rates might have resulted either the acceleration of delivery thorough induction or caesarean section of fetuses whose gestational age was overestimated by inaccurate ultrasound. And commented: The existence of three successive cohorts allowed us to the relatively small change in infant mortality rate since 1990 was to understand due to a combination of increased rates of low birth weight and premature birth with improved care of newborns. This information provides new to achieve challenges for local and national politics, as to the Millennium Development Goal for child survival, strategies must be implemented, improve birth be be.Ohayon of Stanford University School of Medicine , has examined the prevalence sleep disorders among the Spanish population by age a survey of 4,648 person over 15? The results which been , the, the recent, of the general population February 2013 that one in five men from this sleep changes leiden.6 percent the men tell to disrupted sleep be the biggest cause of their insomnia , particularly people over 65 in old Old, for 3 that they are having trouble going to bed and 4.3 percent wake up very early and find there difficult to know to go to sleep.