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During the year, a proud supporter of Cover assured the WeekAs the nation’s leading health non-profit organization to promote diabetes research, information and advocacy of the American Diabetes Association, various health associations, organizations and supporters during ‘Cover the the uninsured Week ‘. Nearly 21 million American children and adults have diabetes, but many are not insured and can not be care, medication care, medication and education the disease successfully manage the disease and prevent diabetes complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and lower amputation. During the year, ADA is to ensure that people with diabetes have access to affordable and adequate health care committed.

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The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading voluntary health organization supporting diabetes research, information and advocacy. The association has lobbying efforts includes help to fight discrimination against people with diabetes, advocating the increase of federal diabetes research and programs and improved access to cure diabetes quality of health care for people with diabetes.Dr proteins sequence comparison withSequence comparison are a key tool for predicting and analysis of the structure and function of proteins. A new method of bioinformaticians at LMU developed allows sequence comparison quickly and accurately than ever be carried out.

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