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Christopher Dye Co-ordinator Stop TB, WHO, Geneva+41 79 509 06 21Mr.The first of these studies – of Texas in 2002 – Patients knee pain attributed to cartilage was damaged by osteoarthritis were given either an arthroscopic repair or a sham procedure, were made in the incisions, but no surgery was actually carried out. The patients who are aware of the participants participants may receive a sham procedure, did not know if they got the real thing. In the end, there was no significant difference in patient outcomes when comparing the two groups.. For more information, please contact:Roy Wadia Communications Officer WHO China Beijing+86 10 6532 5687+86 1361 117 4072Dr Pieter Van Maaren Medical Officer, Stop TB, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office Manila+63 2 528 9706Dr.

– In a second study conducted in Canada, patients received either the arthroscopic repair or conservative care, including physical therapy. In the course of two years, the operation does not offer any advantage over the less invasive approach, the authors of the study reported in the past month. Does to the community, I will advise my patients with regional knee pain to do the best you can, try an exercise bike or water aerobics and be patient. This too will pass.

*** The Millennium Development Goals set by world leaders at the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, setting clear targets for reducing disease and other obstacles to human and social development..For seven years now running, Northwestern Memorial is is among the nation 100 Best Companies for mothers at work Reviewed by Working Mother magazine and chosen by Chicagoans for more than one decade, because its most preferred of hospitals accordance with the annual poll National Research Corporation. Northwestern Memorial wears Magnet status of Description in the nursing, the maximum acknowledgment excellence can of patient is and medical care.. Northwestern Memorial Hospital one of the country’s Prime academic medical centers and is the primary teaching hospital of Northwestern University in Feinberg School of Medicine. Northwestern Memorial and his Prentice Women’s Hospital and Stone the Institute of Psychiatry who. Eight hundred ninety-seven beds together with 1,424 attached doctors and 6,464 employees Northwestern Memorial be for the provision state-of – the-art acknowledged patient care and examples of clinical and surgical progress the fields of heart and vascular diseases care, gastroenterology, neurology and Neurosurgical, oncology, organ and BMT and women’s health.S.

‘.. The precise cause of Systemic Scleroderma is a chronic disease most common among women aged 30 to 40 exist, remains unknown. Through continual research, Northwestern Memorial doctor hoping for identifying treatments in order to target the disease is and. Improving the quality of life to patients with scleroderma – We hope that of the use of Gleevec for a long period , the symptoms skin to decrease hardships and potentially the progression of of this devastating illness, adds Dr. U.S. On Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

John Varga, a rheumatologist to Northwestern Memorial, of RheumatologyHughes a Distinguished Professor of Rheumatology, at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and lead investigator of of the study, this might be a big step forward of human diagnose to systemic sclerosis.