Free application guides expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey.

This new, free application guides expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey, offering award-winning, medically reviewed health content; advice from obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists and other experts, daily activities and memories and conversations , and the connection with other mothers in the BabyCenter Community – to – be.

Application features include: – your pregnancy from day to day: BabyCenter renowned weekly pregnancy experience now and updated in a daily snapshot of your baby’s development expanded. – Fetal development images: Our one-of – kind, detailed weekly illustrations developed by expert medical illustrators. – Pregnancy checklist: An interactive to-do list filled with activities and reminders to keep you track with track with decisions – Award-winning and hold more.– ‘Our study demonstrates the combination evolutionary and public dynamic processes characterize the propagation a pathogen after its inception of a susceptible host population,’says Leslie Real, Asa G. Candler Emory University biology professor. Whereas invasion emerging pathogens, as rabies, Ebola and hantavirus, through rapid development and expanding their numbers and geographical reach, show how is difficult to show how process processes, explains Dr.. Analysis of 30 years detailed information on a large rabies virus outbreak at the North American raccoons, investigators have shown at Emory University, as initially demographics, ecological and genetic process same influenced the virus geographic distribution over time.

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