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From the beverage.that energy drinks lead to increased alcohol consumptionThis fall, several U.S. Universities banned Four Loko from its campus. The increasingly popular American energy beverage that can hold up to 12 % alcohol , was associated with a series of incidents in which people were hospitalized or died of alcohol poisoning. Last month forced to remove pressure from the Federal Drug Administration to its the manufacturer caffeine from the beverage.

In addition, researchers still need to figure out how exactly the newly generated nerve cells contribute to learning and memory.

‘ find first link in memory between Humans and Nerve Cell Productionproduction of new neurons in the human brain linked to learning and memory is, according a new study from the University of Florida. The research is the first to show such a link in humans. The findings, published online and in an upcoming print issue of the journal Brain, shed light on the processes in age-and health-related memory loss involved and show potential cellular targets for drug therapy.. The work may be applicable beyond epilepsy, but must be conducted with a larger number of patients and more detailed examination of the relevant brain structures and function in first , further studies, the researchers said.SynCardia No 20 in over 50 Most Innovative Companies rank of of March 2014 Fast Company Magazine ranked SynCardia# 20 into its annual list of top 50 global most innovative companies for ‘giving mobility artificial cardiac receiver. ‘Outweigh 13 GBP, in the USA is the Freedo portable driver of world’s first portable driver for powering the Total Artificial Heart both within and outside the hospital. The Freedom drivers is CE approved for use in European and going through a FDA-approved Investigational Device Exemption from of clinical trial in the U.S.

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