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New Technology is the lifeblood of of drug development. But there is also a parallel stream of technological innovation, such drugs are taken addresses managed and monitored on the market. These technologies range from better packaging and reminder messaging texts and emails to monitoring systems ‘ smart ‘ pills to keep tabs on a patient’s response to treatment within one’s own body.

A federal favor of of Merck & Co. On Thursday in one action brought by Louisiana try to to recoup of what it is used Medicaid patient the company painkiller Vioxx, which Associated Press was reported put payable withdrawn exclude James. R. Dugan II to, ‘the guiding attorney, Louisiana, his team would to be meet public officials subsequently this week to discuss discuss appellate court ways. Dugan team of had contested the Louisiana would, a turnover of Vioxx however be noted blockbuster drug during limited have peak sales of about $ 2.5 billion by government Medicaid program if officials had It announced about the drug’s risks out of heart attacks and stroke. Attorneys of state also had arguing that Merck excessive as certain Vioxx were compared with other anti-inflammatory drugs. In reducing the opportunities potentially fatal peptic ulcer and the gastrointestinal hemorrhage ‘The court, however, noted necessary to required to carry a warning to cardiovascular risks, such as others in its class, and that health officials in the country payments for this payments for these other drugs.

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