Funding for the work came from the National Institutes of Health

Funding for the work came from the National Institutes of Health, Connecticut Department of Health, the Hope Funds for Cancer Research and Mirna Therapeutics,Obama praises Senate for Clearing Key Health Care Hurdle’President Barack Obama on Monday praised the Senate for clearing a major hurdle after midnight Sunday on the health care reform package, calling it a victory against the ‘special interests ‘to reduce costs and ,, ‘roll Call reports . ” By standing up to the special interests – reform reform for decades and who are furiously lobbying against it now – the Senate drew us closer to reform that makes a tremendous difference for families, for seniors, for businesses and for country as a whole, ‘Obama said in remarks at the White House. ‘Small businesses and those who do not get insurance through the employer will finally get to be able to insurance at a price that make them with tax credits to help, ‘ said. It ‘and Medicare will be stronger and its solvency extended by nearly a decade ‘(Koffler.

The Yale team also found that mice without let-7 cancer develops, supports the hypothesis that the microRNA functions as a tumor. Eliminate the tumors in not not let-7 reduced by reduced by 66 %, the study found. The team is investigating whether let-7 therapy in combination with chemotherapy and radiation can induce a complete remission.

O political stalemate in the Senate, was 21 % reduction in Medicare to pay for doctors who to have the care of older care for older Americans, if reduction triggered to say vice versa. The Associated Press reported to be ‘which Obama administration to keep off directed Medicare payroll contractor will claims management for 10 business days ‘to the hopes that senators is break the blockade. ‘Medicare generally takes 14 days and to pay off doctors, there would be no reduction in reimbursement of that the legislator moving fast, ‘reports the Reg. Groups as the American Medical Association viewing very critical legislators , which they. Term ‘playing’with people care salary slip as temporary stave off the sections was part of invoice the house past week. But the Senate in permanently one month failure to act. ‘ Congress routine is at the payment accounts decrease ward off Date lawmakers on such a step in the a deficit reduction invoice in the 1990 sent.