Governor Mitt Romney candidates Clinton.

Governor Mitt Romney candidates Clinton, McCain biggest winner in Super Tuesday, Clinton leads on HealthcareSen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday won Democratic presidential primaries in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma and Tennessee and Sen. Barack Obama won Democratic primaries and caucuses in Alabama, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah, the Washington Post reports, the winner of the New Mexico primary remains undetermined (Balz / Kornblut, Washington Post.

According to exit polls, among the three questions, 17 454 Democratic voters cited health care as their most important issues in the election, compared with 48 percent who cited the economy and 29 percent who cited the war in Iraq. Clinton received support from more than half of Democratic voters, health care and the economy cited as its main theme. Among Republican voters, the survey found that four issues cited below, 39 percent of the economy as their top concern in the election, compared with 23 percent who cited immigration, which cited the war in Iraq and 15 percent who cited terrorism.Parade back into the United States was the best option.

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