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The extensive research study on anterior uveitis, a specific form of inflammation of the attention for which the cause remains unknown, is led by Associate Prof Chee Phaik from the Singapore National Eye Centre Soon, in collaboration with Dr Subhra Biswas from Indication. The team will research the role of the cytomegalovirus in anterior uveitis and various other eye diseases. CMV, which can infect folks of all age range, sexes and ethnic backgrounds, can stay in the physical body after infection and be reactivated upon subsequent stress to the immune system.‘We are very very happy to see this essential addition to our patent portfolio,’ said Dr. Xiaobo Wang, ACEA Bioscience’s Chief Technology Officer. ‘Chemical compound screening and cytotoxicity have become important and critical components in the drug discovery process, and the new patent, which is particularly related to the use of our label-free, real-period microelectronic technology in drug discovery, evaluates the novel label-free technology which makes this possible. The brand new patent clearly displays the usefulness of our impedance-based microelectronic technology in medication discovery and pharmaceutical research.’.

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