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If a blackhead or whitehead ruptures, its contaminated contents come into contact with the skin and the disease spreads – producing what is classically referred to as a zit. In a worst-case situation, the zit becomes so badly infected it becomes a cyst that is located deep in the skin. If left untreated, these unpleasant lesions can lead to an acne scar. Until recently, a combined mix of topical and oral medicaments – including antibiotics – has been used almost specifically with varying degrees of success to combat acne. Now, dermatologists are employing non-ablative laser technology to successfully treat active pimples and the scarring that often results as well. One of many benefits of non-ablative lasers, in contrast to their ablative counterparts, is definitely they can clear acne without creating a notable problems for the outer layer of the skin.The HbA1c test should be performed on a laboratory device. The Abbott ARCHITECT HbA1c assay is usually a completely automated chemiluminescent immunoassay to help laboratories manage the elevated demand and offer rapid results to physicians. With a simple blood check, the Abbott ARCHITECT HbA1c Assay offers a result to the physician in just 36 minutes. In addition, it demonstrates an excellent correlation to the gold standard , which provides confidence in the reproducibility and accuracy of patient results. ‘Abbott’s ARCHITECT HbA1c Assay permits consistent and accurate examining of HbA1c,’ stated Brian Blaser, executive vice president, Diagnostics Items, Abbott.