Insecticidealaria still worst in Africa.

Insecticidealaria still worst in Africa, but prevention and treatment reaches more people.and more people access to prevention and treatment for malaria, sparking hope that starts the number of people who get sick and die of malaria sink However, challenges remain for the burden of the disease, a million people die each year, most of which to reduce in Africa, according to the 2005 World Malaria Report.

Countries where the former pillars of the treatment of malaria, such as chloroquine, are no longer effective and forward to new therapies. Since 2001, 42 malaria-endemic countries, 23 of them in Africa, artemisinin-based combination therapies recommended by the WHO approved. The the latest generation of anti-malarial drugs and the most effective treatment against falciparum malaria, the most deadly form of the disease. Another 14 countries have begun the process of changing their malaria treatment policy and 22 home care programs, to enable families and other caregivers, malaria management.

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