INSPIRIS hands-on

INSPIRIS hands-on, high – Contact Approach reduces the cost of care for frail, elderly patients deliver, a group that usually causes costs healthcare more than his monthly premium payments .

There are approximately 28,000 Humana Medicare Advantage members and about 86,000 commercial members in the Arizona market. As of 1 Implemented CarePlus CarePlus program serves INSPIRIS Humana enrollees in the nursing home community. Led by a registered nurse , in consultation with a physician, the INSPIRIS clinical team delivers bedside care in 68 different foster homes in the Phoenix metropolitan area. INSPIRIS care teams visit patients weekly, in contrast to the typical nursing home patient who receives a doctor once per 60 days. As a result of intensive care problems problems early, so there are less acute care hospitalizations, said Gregg Lehman, INSPIRIS President and Chief Executive Officer. This improves the quality of life for our patients, hands-on World War II generation – the Greatest called generation. .

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