LDL-C lowers long-term risk of heart attack erectile dysfunction.

LDL-C lowers long-term risk of heart attack, especially among African AmericansThe DASH eating plan known to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol, also reduces the 10-year risk of heart attack, especially among African-Americans, according to research reported in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, an American Heart Association journal erectile dysfunction .

– reduced bad cholesterol , an average of 8 per cent, and – reduced systolic blood pressure by 6 millimeters of mercury . African-Americansn, blood glucose levels did not change significantly, likely because the study participants do not have diabetes. This study is further proof that we have a significant impact on the heart health of the general population by promoting the DASH diet plan to make, said Nisa M. Maruthur, study co-author and assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore.

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