LICR is in the field of cancer research.

LICR is in the field of cancer research, known for the manufacture of products of extremely high impact strength and led nearly 100 early-stage clinical trials for cancer drugs, said Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A* STAR. A special feature of this non-profit, private Cancer Institute, it comprehensively covers the entire discovery from simple laboratory tests for early clinical trials. Has has a highly integrated, comprehensive approach to cancer research. .

This is in collaboration with three Singapore institutions, namely the Agency for Science, Technology and Research , the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore and Duke – NUS Graduate Medical School .. A joint selection committee , which has scientific luminaries co directed – win, an internationally renowned physician – scientists to be Director of LICR – Singapore. George Demetri, tenure-track the Ludwig Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School, and the search committee will be led by Webster Cavenee, Director of LICR San Diego Branch and Distinguished Professor at the University of California San Diego, and Edward Holmes, Executive Deputy Chairman of A* STAR Biomedical Research Council and Executive Chairman of Singapore’s National Medical Research Council.

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research set up its first Asian office in SingaporeA Memorandum of Understanding was the the world’s largest international non-profit cancer research institute, the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research , a branch of the translational and clinical cancer research in Singapore.Neither of the women in the study with with more than one fetus, took more than 20 mg / d prednisone, or had exceptionally high excretion of protein or renal insufficiency. Which experienced experienced complication view more the active Systemic Lupus at 20 and 32 weeks and increased antiphospholipid antibodies.

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