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The combined attempts of donors, affected countries, U.N. Companies and public health authorities are providing significant, ongoing increases in usage of lifesaving HIV treatment, Kevin De Cock, head of WHO, stated, adding, As the 76 percent still untreated represents a predominantly empty glass, trends in scale-up non-etheless have been encouraging in the areas with the most people who have HIV . De Cock said although the treatment target of WHO’s 3 by 5 Initiative – – which aimed to supply treatment for three million HIV-positive people in developing countries with antiretrovirals by the end of 2005 – – had not been accomplished, the initiative helped change the scenery for HIV/AIDS treatment internationally permanently . De Cock declined to provide an estimate of when the 3 by 5 goal will be met.The quality and breadth of their services, and their selection of customers over the healthcare spectrum, make them an excellent partner. Our test really helps to meet the need for improved risk patient and stratification outcomes, and we think that this alliance will make these benefits open to a lot more patients,’ said Kari Stefansson, Executive President and Chairman of Research at deCODE. ARUP Laboratories plans to begin offering deCODE’s prostate malignancy risk test to clients in nov 2010.. 27 extra minutes of sleep may boost kids’ behavior Is the secret to good behavior in children a little extra shut-eye? A new study finds that kids will become alert and less inclined to be disruptive if indeed they added a supplementary 27 minutes to their nightly sleep schedules.