Manisha Balwani.

Janneke G. Langendonk, M .D., Ph.D., Manisha Balwani, M.D., Karl E. Anderson, M.D., Herbert L. Bonkovsky, M.D., Alexander V. Anstey, M.D., D. Montgomery Bissell, M.D., Joseph Bloomer, M.D., Chris Edwards, Ph.D., Norbert J. Neumann, M.D., Charles Parker, M.D., John D. Phillips, Ph.D., Henry W. Lim, M.D., Iltefat Hamzavi, M.D., Jean-Charles Deybach, M.D., Ph.D., Raili Kauppinen, M.D., Ph.D., Lesley E. Rhodes, M.D., Jorge Frank, M.D., Ph.D., Gillian M. Murphy, M.D., Francois P.J. Karstens, M.D., Eric J.G. Sijbrands, M.D., Ph.D., Felix W.M.

‘We should get over the divide that separates wealthy from poor, between those who get life-saving vaccines and those who don’t,’ WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in a WHO press release. ‘Such improvement must inspire new attempts to immunize kids around the world against life-threatening diseases,’ she said . The AP notes, ‘The report shows that overcoming that gap could be a bigger challenge in arriving years: In 2000, the global globe was spending, on average, $6 per live birth on vaccinations in developing countries. That’s expected to end up being $18 by next calendar year, and could go above $30 as newer, and more costly, vaccines become available,’ the news service writes .