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The WHO Collaborating Centre site is for the African continent and in the Middle East surveillance surveillance for highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild and domestic birds as well as human populations and has access to isolate H5N1 material. Twenty-eight different H5N1 isolates from avian and human sources AVC AVC assay. Results of the AVC assay were presented at ICEID which showed no false positives against the respiratory clinical panel. Of the 28 H5N1 cultures tested , 26 gave positive results on the test . The researchers concluded that PDZ based assay produced by AVC promise as a useful diagnostic in our vigilance against bird flu shows the sensitivity of tests for avian strains is robust and the format of the test favors easy deployment.

The company is addressing major health issues as cervical cancer, stroke and cardiovascular diseases as well as infectious diseases like influenza.. The AVC test differs from other S-antigen assays, to detect the NS1 protein to the nucleoprotein with respect to. Antigen capture is mediated by the PDZ protein C-terminal region C-terminal region of the NS1 protein. Since the C-terminal region of the NS1 protein is different for each one influenza subtype PDZ protein with high affinity has been adopted to NS1 protein of the H5 strains for assay development.

###About Arbor Vita company.Arbor Vita (is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs and diagnostics addressing disease concentrates by a new family of targets, PDZ proteins PDZ proteins are important elements that organize and regulate many signaling pathways in human cells.Name, company name patient is of disease incidence Keeps potential for for the European Asthma Therapeutics Market.

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