Non invasive imaging technology.

Moreover, when organic carbon levels were higher, water temperatures were less likely to affect the pathogens ‘ survival.. Keidar,non – invasive imaging technology, a precise diagnosis of coronary artery diseaseA study focusing on a new non – invasive imaging technology – one that is accurate diagnosis of coronary heart disease and treatment tailoring can enable in individual patients – was published by Israeli researchers at the SNM ‘s 53rd Annual meeting June 3 to 7 in San Diego. – ‘This work presents a new non – invasive cardiac imaging for the evaluation of ischemic heart disease – coronary artery or coronary artery or coronary heart disease – the narrowing of heart arteries that supply blood and oxygen prevents causes the heart muscle,’said Zohar Keidar, deputy director of the nuclear medicine department at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, ‘This new modality enables – in a single imaging session – accurate evaluation of cardiac blood vessel narrowing and blood supply to the heart muscle,’said the co-author of ‘assessment of hemodynamically significant coronary artery lesions – First experiences with an integrated SPECT / CT unit.

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