PRESS RELEASE ASHP applauds Senators Charles Grassley.

PRESS RELEASE ASHP applauds Senators Charles Grassley , Mark Kirk , Sherrod Brown , and Robert Casey because of their intro today of the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Improvement Act . The legislation will amend the Social Security Act to recognize pharmacists as companies under Medicare Part B, a noticeable change that will help address gaps in our nation’s healthcare program by increasing usage of pharmacists’ services for patients who live in underserved communities medically online pharmacy . We commend the bill’s sponsors because of their leadership on this critical issue, said ASHP CEO Paul W. Abramowitz, Pharm.D., Sc.D. , FASHP. Individuals in underserved communities confront significant problems as they look for quality, cost-effective healthcare.

AST urges Senate Finance Committee to adopt a health care provision for transplant medication extension AST Delivers Letter to Senate Leadership While the Senate Financing Committee prepares to vote on the amended healthcare reform package, people of the American Culture of Transplantation arrived on Capitol Hill armed with a letter encouraging the Senate to adopt a healthcare provision which will extend Medicare’s insurance of post-transplant drugs, which are critical to maintaining the fitness of the transplant patient. Immunosuppressive drugs are protected for an interval of thirty six months currently.