Regarding prevention.

Regarding prevention, Finland, and Professor Pekka Puska common to the North Karelia Project in 1970 and 1980, preventing heart disease, which known with great success. Finland is also at the top of type 2 diabetes prevention: the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study, lead by Professor Jaakko Tuomilehto, proved to be the first time that type 2 diabetes by by lifestyle intervention. Now the Finnish National Diabetes Program DEHKO 2000-2013, has become an export hit program , the methods of the program have already begun in other countries in other countries Cheers Ms Leena Etu – Sepp l , leader of DEHKO.? the Finnish diabetes Association and now, the Secretary General of the WCPD 2008th..

The Congress is organized by the National Public Health Institute, Finland and the Finnish diabetes Association hosted the WCPD Congress in 2008 by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland be co-organized, the main Supporting Organizations International diabetes Federation and the World Heart Federation and the Partners are: Federation of European Nurses in diabetes , the Public Health Institute of the world and the International diabetes Epidemiology Group .Consultation 27 April closed and CQC meticulously inspect all reviews before publishing both their completed plans later that year.

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